Indie - Bohemian Bag made from vintage textiles !!!

We take the antique textiles and make this bag into one-of-a-kind Bag. Each Bag tells a story and shows the craftsmanship of the skilled artisans of the vintage fabric. Each piece of antique Hmong fabric is about 50 – 60 years old or some piece may longer so it old worn and faded and some stitching come loose. I also add some more antique coin, bead, bell and other things that we can find.

Boho Bag now it is the hot trend in the fashion world. Most of my boho bags are made from traditional vintage tribal textile, silk material, beads, braids and tassel and other antique material that I can find and mixed with modern material like genuine leather, suede, bling patchwork and other thing that make these bag unique.

You can mix and match with your outfit for a causal chic feel. Most of my big are large size so you can carry many things inside.

Bohemian Bag P0001

Bohemian Bag Red Hemp
Bohemian Bag Red Hemp

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